Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chloe takes a nap on mien boobens

One day I came home...

Im always worried about letting my cat Chloe outside incase something happens to her. So my roomate Max built her a tank to protect her from predators...

New lamp!

Owling, im doing it right.

Now a post all about cats, of the NON NYAN variety

A cat post of all NYAN variety.

CAnyone who knows me, knows I loves me some Nyan Cat. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you FAIL at internet. Here is a link tot the webpage, you can also find it on you tube. http://nyan.cat/ This one has Nyan cat as toast, but the most circulated one is a pop tart. Nyan cat explained. Here we go.
Advice Animals Memes - Nyan Cat Grow Up
Advice Animals Memes - Nyanty Nyan Percent
memes - NyanLights
Funny Pictures - Nyan Cat

Mishel uses only Google Chrome...

job fails - Monday Thru Friday: Sometimes innovation is necessary in order to avoid Internet Explorer

Mishel Loves Snorg Tees!

Here are some Awesome T shirts I need to buy…
Good Things Come To Those Who Break Clay Pots Wanted Dead And Alive
Technically, The Glass Is Always Full Anything Unrelated Elephants
Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts Peter Cotton Ale
I'm The Ninjabread Man! Omnomnomivore
Gettin' Down On A Friday Zombie Defense 101
Zombie Mozart Is Decomposing Ice Ice Baby

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Elle My Belle Update: Whats new with my jewelry line

Hey there! as you may know from previous posts I have my own jewelry line called "Elle My Belle"
Its been a good year for Elle My Belle and I have some big plans for 2012

Here are some new pieces:

If you want to see more make sure to "Like" the facebook page!

I also wanted to share that Elle My Belle will be doing some charitable donating in Feb 2012! I work at Pharmasave which does fundraisers for Variety Children's Charity several times a year. When our store holds fundraiser events Elle My Belle will be donating some items (like rose stud earrings) for the store to sell and all proceeds will go to the charity. When the plan is in action I will be posting on my facebook page. I will also share when any of my jewelry profits have gone into any charities. I would like to do some donating to the SPCA and other local charities.

In the meantime you can help by going to your local Pharmasave store and be sure to buy a Gold Heart Pin for $3 and all the proceeds will go to Variety – The Children’s Charity! http://www.variety.bc.ca/goldheartday.htm

Opinion: Are the social devices that keep us together, ruining social life as we know it?

Well if you dont think so, have a look at this "Wrong Number Text" I found:

So please take the time at least once a day to CALL someone you love today and ask how they are instead of reading their blog or stalking their facebook page. Take time to CALL and ask someone to hang out instead of texting them or writing on facebook. Maybe then you will actually get to meet up and see them instead of  "oh I didn't hear the text and got busy" Sometimes we hide behind text messages to make us feel we are actually making an effort to see our friends and family when we are really not. Or, if we don't want to hang out, we can just not answer, no ones feelings get hurt, but no one ever actually gets to spend any time together either. 
Some days I actually think about how many social iterations I really have. If it weren't for work, and living with my boyfriend and one of our friends, Id have no human contact at all. So there goes one of my New Years Resolutions (yes I'm one of those people who make them, its good to have goals!) I'm going to make a better effort this year to spend quality time with the people I love, and pend less time catching up with them on facebook. It takes all the surprise out of a happy announcement if you have seen it on facebook already. For example, today my Dad called me to tell me some good news. It was better to hear him tell me, to hear the excitement in his voice as he told me some good news. Also its important for him to hear how excited I was for him. If I just said "yeah i saw it on facebook" It takes all of the fun out of sharing his excitement. Granted my Dad isn't on facebook, but it reminded me what finding out "good news" from a someone's real voice was like because, damn.. its been a while.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this, and YES I'm aware that I made this point on the internet, and that I do blog about some of my life... but its where you all live! So this is where you would be most likely go to read my two cents. No need to point out the irony here, its kind of part of the point!

When Im bored: Its okay to be Takei!

For those of you who are too cool for school or living under a rock George Takei is best known for playing Sulu on Star Trek. He is also a celebrity icon for the gay community. Well his facebook page has taken up several hours of my time. He posts daily on his page, sharing hilarious pictures him and his fans are passing around the internet. Here are some of my favourites.
(Yes this is how stupid you look in all your mobile phone pictures in front of your bathroom mirror) ~ Not that Im not guilty of taking them…. The original caption for this photo is: “One day we’ll have to explain to a new generation that (1) he’s holding a phone, (2) kids those days used to post pics with their phones, and (3) this was not one of those phones”
Its better then my android…
Oh yeah, I LOVE Big Bang Theory by the way….
I will have regular blog posts of more of these to come. Some may be from other sources but, alas I will share some funny stuff.

Interactive: Who did you pick?

Me: Bulbasaur!
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