Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shameless Promoting: Episode 1 ~ Mass Undergoe

This will be episode 1 of my Shameless Promoting Blog series, I will share my favourites in local music.

My first entry is:


They are based out of Vancouver and are going to go on tour soon, and are preparing to release another album. If you haven't seen them live, you must. They put on a very amazing electric and energetic show. When talking about how to describe their sound, Ive always gone with " Kind of like Papa Roach, older Papa Roach but far better and far less drunk and depressing..." But thats just my analogy, so Check out their myspace and make your own.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Re Blogging! Contemplations of a Kitty: Another Giveaway!

Contemplations of a Kitty: Another Giveaway!We've been creating a lot of things recently and one of the newest items on my etsy will be listed this weekend; dangly earrings! Made with prints from our hand carved stamps, you could get them as post earrings already, but now you can also let these cuties dangle from your ear ;) Also a few new designs will be added that can be only available as danglies! Every single one is handmade seperately so each pair is very unique. And today I'm giving away One pair of those earrings (a surprise one!) to one of you lucky people :)

I love her stuff! You've gotta participate in this giveaway! Look at the cute octopuss earrings!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


That which cinsumes my life

Swap-bot is an online community of creative folks who swap items in the the mail based on the themed swap in which they join. In this blog you will find lots of items I have sent and received. Also crafts I have made that wouldn't be possible without swap-bot. I originally got into it when a friend of mine showed me this awesome little craft called ATC's (Artist Trading Card) You take a 2.5 by 3.5 inch piece of cardstock and create a small piece of art. Its the same size as a baseball card so you can collect them, and trade them and make them for friends. Here are some examples:

This is actually the first one I ever made, its a Lyrics ATC, featuring lyrics from an Alexisonfire song. ATC swaps can feature many themes, lyrics themed ATC swaps are my absolute fav.

This was for a Food with Faces ATC swap. So I made a little kawaii pie colling on the window sill. Cute huh?
Inspired? All you need to know about starting this adicting craft your self can be found right here

I also do a lot of themed package swaps, which are super fun. Its how I have accumulated so much adorable items I would otherwise have to shop endless hours and dollars for on the internet, or otherwise never be able to find at all.

This was for a Strawberry themed swap. All item has to smell, taste or depict strawberries. SO FUN

This was a profile based swap. People take the information from your profile and the link that you provide on your profile, and put together a gift just for you. I got super spoiled from Neek in the UK on this one. Lush samples, Polka Dot Socks, Stickers, Keychain, Letter sets a Deer stuffie and a handmade matchbox full of kawaii beads and cabochons! I loved it all!

So visit the link above and explore! Its only the funnest things Ive ever done on the internet!


This is my temporary cooling system since my heat sync fell off my motherboard. The weld failed on 2 of the 4 clips that keep it secured properly to the motherboard. Incorrect mounting of this device could result in a hot spot, making my motherboard go *die*
I desperately tried to take it in to repair it, but to weld it back on properly would cost about as much as a new motherboard. So, Mishel is getting a new motherboard next payday... I cant afford it, but I cant afford not to.
Until then, this is the way to keep my mother board alive until this weekend.
Mind you I got it in 2005 so its had a good life, and Id love the upgrade.

I wish there was a happier ending for my last weld fail experience...

Same problem with my Xbox 360, it over heated. Even though I use it significantly less then the average gamer. (I only use it a couple hours every other night, if that.)  I'm told by the people who I have to pay $100 to fix it (Play N Trade - Canada) that United States based welding companies don't use lead because it is bad. Yes, bad to have in contact with your body! Who has their skin in constant contact with the welding inside their electronics. NO ONE! STOP THE MADNESS! Please make stuff that works more then 2 months after my warranty expires? Pweeeese

* insert cute puppy face here *

Look What I Made!

These are my Totoro earrings I made! I love them very much and they are one of a kind. Im going to start making similar earrings once I get more supplies, but Im out of these little hearts so they will all be different. Im also out of Totoros but I will buy more :) Im debating keeping these ones. They are so cute!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If you havent seen this guys YouTube playlist, take the next hour or so off, you need to catch up. This is like Tosh.O only 10 times better. Sorry Tosh... its true... This guy reviews the best of the you tube videos and adds funny. Some of the videos you see on Tosh.O actually and Im curious to see who got to them first. But either way, this guy makes me lol.

Monday, September 27, 2010

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

secretly loves pink: Matchbox Love and a giveaway

secretly loves pink: Matchbox Love and a giveaway: "Matchboxes are a fun quick craft that can become quite addicting. They are usually filled with an assortment of small items. Buttons, sti..."


Original high heel bunny slippers inspired by Streetzie Desire Photography by : Marc Farb

Arent they adorable? This is something I could only have dreamed of. This is my number one most wanted item in all of the internets. I found out about them from a co worker of mine. She happens to own a pair of these and wore then to a staff dinner we both went to. Knowing I loved bunnys, she had to tell me all about them. I was so excited to finally see them! They are just as cute and amazing as you would imagine them to be, and I must own a pair!

They come in 3 colours: Pink, Black and Powder Blue and they are only $59.00 a pair!

If you know a bunny lover like me, make sure you pass this along. A bunny lover cant be with out a pair of Streetzie’s High Heel Bunny Slippers

Sugar High LLC!

If you ever make your way to Frankenmuth, MI then you need to go check out this cake shop! I always love looking at the gallery of their special made cakes. It makes we want to put on a pink puffy dress, a tiara and throw the biggest pretty birthday party Ive ever had. Someday it will be done. Mark my words...

But untill then lets enjoy some of her work!

Giant Cupcake!

Hamburger Cupcakes!

Tea Party Cake!

Aren't they so pretty!?

If any of you make ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) Then here is a cool Random act of kindness for you to do in your spare time! Make a Cupcake/Cake themed ATC and send it to her shop! She already has some on display, including mine! Take a look!

So if you would like to add to her wall please mail your creations to the shop!

Sugar High 925 S.Main Street - Suite G1 Frankenmuth, MI USA 48734

Double Bloggin!

Alright so in my collecting of blogs Ive noticed that its hard to find one blog site to feature my blog while gaining tons of followers, so instead of this being a personal blog, its going to be a copy of my tumblr blog, and then some. I have some online shops I really want to share with as many people as possible, so multi blogging is a go. Starting.... NAO!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It begins!

So here it is the first entry of my more personal blog. I have another blog where I dont bitch that you can find it on tumblr called Mishel Loves You just so you folks dont think Im a horribly negative person. Ive just reserved anything that may be perceived as negative in THIS blog. But I will share all the loveliness I find in this one aswell. Its just a bit more personal.

At this time I will leave comments open and available to dispute. Im never too hard set in my opinions and like seeing the other side of things. I just hope that those who comment will be reasonable and mature when responding to any of my more political blogs.

Its been a long time since I have poured my heart out over my keyboard, back in my Live Journal days. The internet can be a brutal and cruel place at times. But hey, we all have a keyboard and some dead headed opinions to get across, welcome to the blogging community!
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