Thursday, February 25, 2010

It begins!

So here it is the first entry of my more personal blog. I have another blog where I dont bitch that you can find it on tumblr called Mishel Loves You just so you folks dont think Im a horribly negative person. Ive just reserved anything that may be perceived as negative in THIS blog. But I will share all the loveliness I find in this one aswell. Its just a bit more personal.

At this time I will leave comments open and available to dispute. Im never too hard set in my opinions and like seeing the other side of things. I just hope that those who comment will be reasonable and mature when responding to any of my more political blogs.

Its been a long time since I have poured my heart out over my keyboard, back in my Live Journal days. The internet can be a brutal and cruel place at times. But hey, we all have a keyboard and some dead headed opinions to get across, welcome to the blogging community!
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