Friday, June 3, 2011

Less Then Three... Equals Three

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am in love Ray William Johnson and EVERYTHING he does. Cause im a creepy fan like that. So those who dont know, I will share.

=3 is the channel where he reviews viral videos, it comes out twice a week and it always awesome and halarious.

Your Favorite Martian is Ray's Cartoon band, they have songs with Flash videos that are really funny. My favs include Zombie Love and Orphan Tears. The new one is "Grandma's Got a Facebook" Loves it.

This is Ray's Vlog, new one comes out every Friday. Its a behind the scenes look at how some of his other projects come together, some things he does in his offline time, and they also joke and rip on some of the comments made on the videos. You can also get a sneak "ear peek" of upcoming YFM songs.

So prepare to be hooked!


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