Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is my temporary cooling system since my heat sync fell off my motherboard. The weld failed on 2 of the 4 clips that keep it secured properly to the motherboard. Incorrect mounting of this device could result in a hot spot, making my motherboard go *die*
I desperately tried to take it in to repair it, but to weld it back on properly would cost about as much as a new motherboard. So, Mishel is getting a new motherboard next payday... I cant afford it, but I cant afford not to.
Until then, this is the way to keep my mother board alive until this weekend.
Mind you I got it in 2005 so its had a good life, and Id love the upgrade.

I wish there was a happier ending for my last weld fail experience...

Same problem with my Xbox 360, it over heated. Even though I use it significantly less then the average gamer. (I only use it a couple hours every other night, if that.)  I'm told by the people who I have to pay $100 to fix it (Play N Trade - Canada) that United States based welding companies don't use lead because it is bad. Yes, bad to have in contact with your body! Who has their skin in constant contact with the welding inside their electronics. NO ONE! STOP THE MADNESS! Please make stuff that works more then 2 months after my warranty expires? Pweeeese

* insert cute puppy face here *


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