Monday, September 27, 2010

Sugar High LLC!

If you ever make your way to Frankenmuth, MI then you need to go check out this cake shop! I always love looking at the gallery of their special made cakes. It makes we want to put on a pink puffy dress, a tiara and throw the biggest pretty birthday party Ive ever had. Someday it will be done. Mark my words...

But untill then lets enjoy some of her work!

Giant Cupcake!

Hamburger Cupcakes!

Tea Party Cake!

Aren't they so pretty!?

If any of you make ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) Then here is a cool Random act of kindness for you to do in your spare time! Make a Cupcake/Cake themed ATC and send it to her shop! She already has some on display, including mine! Take a look!

So if you would like to add to her wall please mail your creations to the shop!

Sugar High 925 S.Main Street - Suite G1 Frankenmuth, MI USA 48734


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